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DO YOU KNOW WHO we are ?

Drink MAYA and support a young French company.

Let's do everything so that Maya becomes the norm and not the exception!

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That you like while staying healthy

Juices you find on the market are full of added sugars and additives.

Maya is freshness, taste and travel !

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At Maya, we say no
to anything unnatural!

Mathematical formulas in ingredients are not our thing !


Hamza Qabil, young entrepreneur


Once upon a time, there was Hamza QABIL, a young entrepreneur aware of the impact of the food industry on our health.


Hamza, a passionate handball player, was involved in a sport and health prevention mission with the Montpellier Cancer Institute. During this mission, he realized the impact of the products we were consuming on our health. Then, Hamza decided to run a business of natural juices, his goal being to offer consumers a sweet, healthy and thirst-quenching drink.


Hamza observed a real need on the market of healthy and balanced exotic juices as most of the "healthy" handmade juices on the market were more oriented to the exploitation of classic seasonal fruits.


This cheeky young man went to Vietnam where he discovered the perfect orchards for his project. By encouraging a small handmade production on a human scale, Hamza met trustworthy collaborators allowing him a total control of the quality of the products.

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