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Joanna Antonucci

Loyal customer, Monaco

Naturally sweet and healthy juices! My favorite one, the coconut water! I have tasted several before and that one  is, in my opinion, the  best on the market.

Fly me to the food , Lyon

We chose Maya for the quality of its exotic juices. Indeed, the fruits have taste and the juices are pure, 100% natural.

The combination of flavors are very pleasant and make us travel.

We are delighted to have chosen Maya, and our customers too!

Raphael Bonnefon

BNP real estate, Paris

A successful cocktail between drink, elegance and the eccentricity of its founder.  

Fruit juices produced in Vietnam, created by a Moroccan raised in France, country of gastronomy and culinary arts, a successful mix! 

Matthew & Roman

"The stars" of Lez, Montpellier

Maya fruit juices are original and delicious, really appreciated by our customers who are curious about new taste combinations. The pretty bottles are an added bonus ;)

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