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deal point 

coconut water 

Save the Earth!

It's here  only planet where there is C oco !


With us the straw comes back to its place ! 

Lychee juice 

Forget the old can of the all-you-can-eat buffet


Come and enjoy the real lychee juice!


( Lychee for friends)

soursop juice

Soursop rich in vitamin 69, does that speak to you?

more seriously, vitamin B1 B2 that will protect you from stress!   

Also contributes to the benefit of your neurons . 

PINK pomegranate juice

What's a war without a grenade?

In any case, ours does not hurt!


You just risk an explosion of flavors!

JUICE of grape 

The only threesome that preserves your loyalty!  

And your virginity (if it's still relevant ...) 

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